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Version 0.4.0 - Funnels


Happy (almost) Year of the Dog - good to see you again. We've been flying through feature creation here at ObserVR and we have two exciting things to tell you about: Funnels and a new FPS drop metric.

Getting Started With Funnels
Funnels help you analyze user behavior and see points in UX/game/activity flows where people get stuck or drop off. Each step of the funnel represents users that have completed the defined action, only if they have completed the previous step as well. Users do not have to complete events in the order defined in the funnel to be counted in a step. For example, a user who grabbed the sword then the shield will be counted in the funnel Grab Sword > Grab Shield as well as Grab Shield > Grab Sword. Each step in a funnel can also be filtered by the parameters attached to that event. Once saved, the attached graph will update to reflect the number of users and sessions in each step of the funnel.

FPS Drops
When deploying your application to different platforms, headsets, and hardware, it can be difficult to test each combination and pin down the cause of potential issues. Our updated FPS dashboard aims to help find problem areas in your application quicker and with greater accuracy. We track frame rate in your application through the built-in "FPS" event, which contains the average frames per second rendered over the tracked interval (default 5 seconds), as well as a random sampling of rendered objects in the scene during that period. We can then calculate the number of times an object has appeared during low frame rate periods (below 75FPS) to highlight potentially problematic objects in your application.


Example Funnel

1. Define your funnel


 VR Analytics_ Funnel Analysis

2. View user and session churn at each step



Here's a list of the big changes made:

  • Funnels
  • FPS Drops
  • Segments now accept custom events using the "Has Done", "Has Not Done", and "Count Of" (number of times an event happened in a session) filters
  • Styling updates
  • Graph labels
  • Wording on the "All Events" page has been updated for clarity
  • Always quelling the bug uprising to keep you safe

Jacob Copus

CTO & Co-founder @ Observer Analytics