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Version 1.1.0 - Custom Graphing

Boo! Halloween is almost here!

Creating Custom Graphs
Custom graphing helps you to answer questions that aren't covered by the pre-made graphs already on our dashboard. Each graph is broken down into Selects, Filters, and Groups. Selects allow you to choose which data points to visualize (maximum 10), such as average or total session length, number of sessions or users, and various metrics around your own custom events. These metrics can then be fine-tuned using up to 10 filters, which work similar to the Segments you may already be using. Finally, you can use Groups (maximum 2) to slice the chosen metrics for comparison by fields such as build version, user demographics, or fields from custom events that are included as a Select. Once saved, you will have access to up to four visualizations for your data. Some of these graphs are limited on what data they can display, and will be disabled accordingly.

Example Graph - Users & Sessions By Version


Choose your desired metrics using Selects - Total Users and Total Sessions in this case

Group the selected metrics by Build Version


The resulting data can be visualized with the bar chart and table formats

The Big Rebrand
We recently changed some aspects of our dashboard to coordinate with our recent rebrand, which you can read more about here. You'll notice new logos, colors, and wording to reflect our switch from ObserVR to Observer Analytics. The core functionality that you're used to hasn't gone anywhere though, and we're always updating the product ensure continued support for your virtual and augmented reality applications.


Here's a list of the big changes made:

  • Custom Graphs
  • Rebrand
  • Graph legends are clickable, hiding the associated data
  • Styling updates
  • The bug army coordinated an ambush, but our mercenaries out-coded them

Jacob Copus

CTO & Co-founder @ Observer Analytics