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ObserVR is now Observer Analytics

We outgrew ObserVR so we put the ‘e’ back in and are now Observer Analytics. Let me explain…

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As we continue to grow as a company, we want our brand to best reflect who we are, what we believe in, and where we’re headed. When we first set out on this journey (late 2015), virtual reality (VR) was still in its infancy and it was trendy to have ‘VR’ in your name. At that time, we were building in-house content, a VR Esports bar where users could “observe” their favorite Twitch and YouTube streams with their friends. Thus the name “ObserVR” was born. Our path quickly evolved when we realized that the VR community was lacking the guidance and standards to help with VR design and development. Developers had to build blindly and hope that users would find their experience intuitive.


From that day forward our goal became helping content creators build the best content by leveraging data. We have built our analytics platform with the purpose of eliminating the guesswork in VR development by streamlining the data collection and analysis processes. That way, developers and content creators alike can better understand their users and focus on creating. We haven’t wavered from this goal but…


The market is expanding.


As we evolved over time, the market did too. There are now over ten consumer VR headsets, over five AR devices, and new frameworks to help bring immersive experiences to mobile. This opens a ton of doors for us as a company and increases the number of developers we can support. We are currently working with companies building room-scale VR, standalone VR, and mobile AR experiences. By leaving the ‘VR’ in our name, we would potentially be limiting ourselves as a brand - the market is evolving and we are too!


We see a future where Observer Analytics can help any developer building content for these new immersive technologies. 


Observer is about helping content creators build the best content. To take the guessing out of _R development. To make data easy and accessible for all team members. To assist the community in bringing this new technology to the world.


Welcome to Observer Analytics!


Visit our new website at


Lucas Toohey

CEO & Co-founder @ Observer Analytics